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Access Bars® activates 32 points on the head. These points store the electrical components of our thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs and points of view. Touching these points releases that locked up energy, allowing more ease in many areas of your life.

Access Bars® can be used to facilitate change in all areas of your life. "Running The Bars" (that's what we call it) is very similar to deleting files and defragging your computer hard drive, except you are deleting everything that has held you back from experiencing life as your true Self.

In this one-day (8 hour) class you will learn how to run "The Bars" and perhaps for the first time in your life, experience truly giving and truly receiving. At the end of the day you will be a certified practitioner of Access Bars®.

There are no prerequisites for this course

What is Access Bars®?

What is the Science
Behind Access Bars®?

Access It All Classes-On the Go

No class near you?  Does your energy connect with mine? Do you want me to come to your city to facilitate classes? If you have a group of 4 or more interested in learning Access Bars® and The Access Energetic Facelift and/or 2 Access Body Processes and you’re not near me, I will come to your city.  In addition to the per person course fees for 2 or 3 days of classes, I ask that you pay round trip airfare, transportation fees, 3 Star or better hotel accommodations, and classroom rental if you are not providing a space. I'd love to come to you. 


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When you start to change the way you relate to your body, you change how you relate to everything in your life. These classes are designed to open up a dialogue and create a communion with your body that allows you to enjoy your body instead of fighting against it and abusing it. You can experience a variety of changes, including shifts in body size/shape, relief from chronic and acute pain, better relationships, and even resolution of money issues.   

You will learn one body process in a 4 hour class and two in an 8 hour class.

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In this one-day (8 hour) class you will learn a wonderful way to rejuvenate the face and reverse the appearance of aging.  This technique can create similar effects throughout the body. If done repeatedly (at least 20 times) it can become permanent. Many who have received repeated sessions report their breasts and butt lifting. All that is required of you is to relax and enjoy. You will gift and receive this process twice while fully clothed on a massage table.

The Access Energetic Facelift is a brilliant addition to any beauty therapist or massage therapist's practice.  For non-therapists, it’s a fun gift to share with friends.

Would you like to look younger without surgery?

Are You Dying to Die or Dying to Live?SignUp

Have you experienced trauma in your life that impacted you in a way that you wish you could undo it?  Is life just about surviving?  Are you really living?  What if living or dying is just a choice? In this class, we'll give you tools that will help you shift from just surviving to thriving.

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Donna DeGutis


Life Enhancement Coach, Speaker, Healer

Access Consciousness® Bars, Body Process and Energetic Facelift Facilitator,

Reiki Master Healer, Basic Pranic Healing® and Theta Healing® Practitioner