What else is possible?

During the 30 Days of Creation class with Blossom Benedict Vanderpol (and about 130 other participants) I had the chance to learn about who I am to myself.  This class was a way for me to look at what creation might look like in 30 days of my life.  I shared some of my experiences in a couple of other posts, but then I became busy, traveling for a couple classes, and have not had a chance to share more with you.   At first I was feeling very stressed and anxious to produce something every day.  I wanted to produce, produce, produce.  And not only was I pressuring myself to produce, I also had a desire that whatever I produced would be a masterpiece.  Ha!  I sure got caught in the trap.  So I produced.  During the first week, I wrote a number of blogs, and I was able to quiet the demand to produce that I had put on myself.  When I no longer had that demand uppermost in my mind,  I experienced a big change.  I began to enjoy writing the blogs.  I also began to notice all the other areas of my life where I am creative, which I hadn’t previously acknowledged.  I found myself rearranging things in my home,  paying more attention to my plants and also paying more attention to me.  I was going out more and connecting with people more while I was out.  I was enjoying being noticed.  It felt like I was allowing myself to have a place in this world.  I found myself asking the question, “What else is possible?”  I asked it over and over.  It seemed the more I asked, the more the universe was showing me more of me.  It went on for the rest of the 30 days.

One part of the class that I enjoyed was being part of a group that was working separately, yet together to assist each other with creating new, fun, exciting things to bring ourselves pleasure and show us more of who we are.  The hardest part for me was the sharing.  Mostly because I don’t usually allow myself to be vulnerable or share much of myself.  So sharing a blog was very different for me.  I winced every time I hit the post key.  And I did it.  I posted blogs and I enjoyed it.  Right when I was beginning to enjoy it, I read that to be a successful blogger you have to post at least two times a week.  Who comes up with these rules?  What’s wrong with posting a blog, when you’re inspired and you decide to write?  As you can see, I didn’t follow the two times a week posting rule.  I write when I am inspired and desire to share something.  This is a learning process for me.  I don’t know if I will ever love this, but I am enjoying sharing more and more of me with you.  I’ve learned to ask questions about different things that come up in my life, so I even ask questions about blogging.  I ask questions like, “What do I know that a reader might want to receive from me?  What is it that I can share with others that might assist someone who might come across my blog?  How can I make a difference with this blog?  What else is possible for me?  What else is possible for this blog?” If you have any thoughts, please feel free to share them with me.





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