Donna DeGutis is a wonderful Access Consciousness Facilitator!  I have been working with Donna, attending her Access Bar classes and Gifting and Receivings, as well as running the Bars with her for over 5 years.  I love doing this work with her because she is sooooo professional and has the magic touch that will clear and illuminate stuck and/or built up emotional and mental blocks.  If you haven't already taken an Access Bar class from Donna, I suggest you jump into one as soon as your schedule permits!  Then you can join into the beautiful Gifting and Receiving sessions and run your Bars regularly! You'll be sooooo happy and glad you did!  How does it get better than that???

C. B., Encinitas, CA

After I completed the Access Bars class in Vista, I experienced an incredible shift of energy the following day.  What comes to mind as a close explanation is a  release and an emerging of my true self.  I have never experienced this confidence and clarity in my entire life.

G. B., La Mesa, CA

I wanted to write this to let people know how wonderful The BARS is and how much it helped me to regain my energy and helped with my chronic pain.  It really brings awareness to you about things that are happening around you. I have Chronic Fatigue syndrome and Fibromyalgia and numerous other health conditions. Donna told me about BARS and asked if I would be interested in trying this to see if it helped. All I can say is that it is wonderful and helped with my pain and energy levels.  My family was amazed at how much more energy I had and didn't have pain for the first time in years (even with pain medication). I am amazed and so thankful that I listened and had the treatments. Also I would like to add that the treatments are very calming and peaceful. If you are considering this, don't hesitate! It was one of the best things that happened to me... I would be glad to talk to anyone with questions about this and my experiences

Shirley, San Diego

I have followed Donna on several spiritual paths and her quest has always been to expand her consciousness without getting lost with whatever gets you stuck.  From New thought to metaphysical energy lessons, to the Oneness Blessings and now Access Consciousness.  Her journey to teach and heal has blessed me and all who find herd.  Her joyful expression permeates the lessons as they unfold.  Her humor can lighten a moment and her truth is a healing balm.

Michael, San Diego

Donna DeGutis brings years of diverse healing training and experience to her work with her clients/patients. In the last couple years, she has delved deep into the skill sets of BARS, a process of gently touching specific points on your head to remove redundant thoughts, beliefs, judgments and points of view. Donna has worked with me in my next level of recovery from a massive hemorrhagic stroke I had 4 years ago. During and after each treatment, I have felt progressively calm yet energized. The BARS work with Donna has specifically greatly reduced the frequency and intensity level of the spasticity I have had the preceding year on the right side of my body, from head to toes. Most stroke survivors all too well get how painful such spasticity can be: it's like having a "charley horse" for several minutes on one-half of one's entire body. The BARS treatment Donna has used in my treatments from her has made a demonstrable difference in reducing such spasticity, and my gratitude is ever present."

Billy E. , San Diego

Donna is an amazing facilitator.  Her loving insight is very beneficial to removing blocks.  Her clearings are gentle and loving!  I had an amazing Access Bars class with her in her beautiful space.  I can't wait to take another class from her!  She explains everything beautifully and clearly.  I knew I could ask her anything and tell her anything.  I am so glad that Donna decided to be who she is because the world is a much, much better place! If you get a chance to take a class or go to a gifting and receiving, I can assure you that it will be a blessed and loving experience!  So, even if you are shy and don't know her, it is so easy to become friends with her. Thank you Donna.  The clearings were monumental in my moving forward.

Dr. Theresa S., Monrovia

Thank you, Donna, for the beautiful gift of you and for the beautiful gift of your body work.  You are a body whisperer, you spoke to my body and made it sing.  Anyone who is LUCKY enough to book a session from you is in for quite a treat.

Minette S., Henderson, NV

Truly a breakthrough in my life. Attending your class and having a private session with you, made amazing changes in the way I perceive my life. Now I feel full of energy and with complete command of my life. Thank you very much. I look forward to having the opportunity to attend another of your classes.

Gustavo, San Nicolas, Mexico

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Donna DeGutis


Life Enhancement Coach, Speaker, Healer

Access Consciousness® Bars, Body Process and Energetic Facelift Facilitator,

Reiki Master Healer, Basic Pranic Healing® and Theta Healing® Practitioner