Have you laughed today? Asking the question is sometimes enough.

When I was caring for my aging parents I was blessed to be able to rent an apartment from them and I lived next door.  I visited them every day.  When I first moved there I told them that the reason I was there was to make sure they laughed at least once every day.  Then I would share something with them to make them laugh.  As time went on, they would laugh as soon as I asked the question and they also began to look for things in their day that made them laugh and they couldn’t wait to share them with me. Laughter is so much fun and Gilda has always made me laugh.  She is the gift that keeps on giving. Enjoy!

If you are caring for parents, grandparents or anyone who is aging or house-bound, you might ask if laughter might bring ease to their life or yours? If it’s a yes, then invite it in and have fun!

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